Transforming ideas into action with Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO): How do we preserve capacity and improve the security, reliability, and safety of our transportation system? In the spirit of innovation and the desire to enhance travel, welcome to TSMO (NDOT TSMO Lite)


This website was developed by NDOT as a resource for the agency’s TSMO Program. TSMO strategies support NDOT’s mission to “Provide, operate, and preserve a transportation system that enhances safety, quality of life, and economic development through innovation, environmental stewardship, and a dedicated workforce.”

Strategies offered by TSMO are used to proactively address transportation challenges (such as recurring and/or non-recurring congestion, safety, mobility, and reliability). This performance-driven program focuses on the surface transportation system and the policies, business processes, technologies, infrastructure, and systems that are applied to manage and operate this system more efficiently.

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