AASHTO Letter Urges FHWA To Update MUTCD, Prioritizing Protections For Systems Most Vulnerable Users

WASHINGTON – The Federal Highway Administration should move ahead with plans to update the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, according to comments submitted today by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

The comments were included in a cover letter signed by Victoria Sheehan, commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and AASHTO president.

The letter points out that “It has been over 10 years since the last update and, during this time, numerous advancements have been made in transportation research, technology, and practice that are not yet reflected in the manual. These advancements have the potential to save lives and prevent serious injuries on the nation’s transportation system.”

The letter also calls for more frequent updates to the MUTCD, saying “AASHTO recommends updating the MUTCD on a more regular basis, potentially allowing for section-by-section updates as needed to incorporate evolving data and research, especially in the areas of active transportation.”

In addition, AASHTO’s comments urge FHWA to place greater emphasis on protecting vulnerable users – including pedestrians and bicyclists.

“The safety of all users should be the motivating factor behind the requirements and guidance in the MUTCD, as it should be with all policies, guidelines, and manuals that contribute to the overall design of our transportation system. Recent research has established the contributions of a proactive, safe systems approach and the need to address speed management to minimize serious injuries and fatalities.”

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