Georgia launches electric mobility alliance

By Liz Carey

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), the state’s sales and marketing agency, recently launched the Electric Mobility and Innovation Alliance to advance the state’s role in the electric mobility industry and its supply chain.

The alliance includes members from industry, government, electric utilities, education, and nonprofit organizations. It will offer policy recommendations to further enhance the state’s attractiveness to the electric mobility industry and foster innovation in related fields. Five committees will establish objectives for supply chain, infrastructure, workforce, innovation, and policy/initiatives.

“Expanding on Georgia’s growing e-mobility ecosystem, the Electric Mobility and Innovation Alliance will give Georgia a greater, more comprehensive strategy for the wave of electrification we are seeing across industry sectors,” Pat Wilson, GDEcD commissioner, said. “By bringing together industry leaders and our public and private sector partners, we are proactively developing a roadmap that will keep Georgia at the forefront of electric mobility and innovation.”

According to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, by 2023, automakers plan to invest $250 billion in electrification. By 2026, 130 electric vehicle models will be available in the United States, according to IHS Markit predictions.

Georgia is located in the center of the southeast automotive corridor in close proximity to the region’s automotive original equipment manufacturers.

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